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In my 20's I studied photography under a former apprentice to Ansel Adams.  Immersion in black & white photography, The Zone System, large format cameras and darkroom expertise were my awaking to the fine art of photography.  

Life and family put photography on the back burner for many decades.  In 2013 we moved to New Orleans and my first two acquaintances were professional photographers.  They persauded me to get back into photography and I am indebted to them for the re-discovery of a passion from my youth.

For reasons I cannot fully explain, I am drawn to social documentary photography and vintage rural architecture.  Many of the buildings I photograph will not be around in a few years and their loss will be a loss of the workmanship of a culture that was significant in the development of our present state as a nation.  We cannot know who we are unless we know and recognize where we came from.

Many of my images are printed in black & white.  A photographer once said, "To see in color is a delight for the eye, but to see in black & white is a delight for the soul.  I opt for delighting the viewer's soul.

I hope you enjoy my images and feel free to comment on them.

Best Regards,

Chas Orr

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